Watching This Video Around Your Girl Or On Your Job May Get You Fired, Kicked Out The House, Kicked In The Head, Or Kicked In The Nuts!!

It's Back: "The Uncut Video That Made
Nelly's "Tip Drill" Look Like An Episode Of
The Cosby Show -- In Fact, This Video Was So Raw...B.E.T. Uncut Pulled It Off The Air And
Told Us To Re-edit It!!"

In 2006, this video and song was banned for pushing the limits of sex in uncut rap videos.
Radio stations wouldn't play it (the clean version), and retail stores wouldn't sell it.
Fuck em' -- We moved over 50k DVDs from out the back of the trunk and on the internet
without them. And now...after being sold out for damn near 2 years -- its finally back!!

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If you love uncut hip-hop videos…then this is your shit!

The DVD is 2 hours of unrated Booty Banging madness — including:

  • A Barber Shop Brain-fest
  • “Stripper Pussy Sandwiches”
  • Smoking Twats**
  • A Bitch Playing With Her Pussy In A Refrigerator (yes, I said refrigerator)
  • Buffy The Body (right before she blew up) — about to have a fist fight with some faggot
  • Uncle Luke Auctioning Off Some Sexy Young Ass
  • and so much more shit — I can’t even describe it all here or the FTC will come looking for my ass!

But since you my Dude, I’m not gonna tell you about all this heat then leave you hanging…so here’s the deal:

If you’re 18+, then I will let you in to see this “adults only” page where I’ve uploaded a couple of videos for you to check out — including the infamous video that got pulled from B.E.T. Uncut for being too UNCUT!

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